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Vessel 12 was recovered from burial Strat 67, below Floor 7 in Operation 2012 (Powis et al. 2002:98). "The vessel has a short spout, short neck, and a lip-to-lip strap handle that is actually two twisted coils of clay. It has a height of 12.5 cm and a rim diameter of 6.0 cm. Decorations consists of fluting on the vessel shoulder, which resembles squash-like indentations" (Powis et al. 2002:98).

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Powis, Terry G., Fred Valdez Jr., Thomas R. Hester, W. Jeffrey Hurst and Stanley M. Tarka Jr.
2002    Spouted Vessels and Cacao Use among the Preclassic Maya. Latin American Antiquity 13(1):86-106.


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