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Blake, M., R. Wallace, N. Jakobsen, D. Moreiras, T. Powis, S. Zarrillo, F. Valdez, L. Grivetti, and N. Gaikwad
2012 Ancient Cacao Map, Version 1.0: An Online Database and Mapping Program for Studying the Archaeology of Cacao in the Americas. http://en.ancientcacao.com/. Laboratory of Archaeology, University of B.C., Vancouver.

Funding and Support

Ancient Cacao Map is funded (2011-2013) by a research grant from the University of British Columbia Hampton Fund: "The invention of chocolate: the archaeological origins of cacao (Theobroma cacao) in the Americas."

We are grateful to Safe Software, Inc. (Surrey, B.C., Canada), the creators of the FME Server program that powers the mapping function on this website, who have generously provided us with access to and support for their program.

We also thank the University of British Columbia's IT Services department which provides the server support for our mapping programs.

Ancient Cacao Map Team