Macro sample 129


Five intact seeds were found "surrounded by a matrix of crushed limestone and an unidentified organic material inside a shallow nondiagnostic, unslipped bowl" (Prufer and Hurst 2007:281-282). Two of the seeds underwent chemical analysis using high-performance capillary electrophoresis (HPCE) (Prufer and Hurst 2007:282). The results indicated that none of the seeds contained caffeine and while one seed was too degraded to test positively for theobromine, one seed tested positively and has been identified as a cacao seed (Prufer and Hurst 2007:282).

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Prufer, K. M. and W. J. Hurst
     2007    Chocolate in the Underworld Space of Death: Cacao Seeds from an Early Classic Mortuary Cave. Ethnohistory 54(2):273-301.


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